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New Regulation: To be consistent with Colorado Parks and Wildlife regulations, antler shed hunting and possession on the Air Force Academy and Farish Recreation Area is prohibited from January 1 - April 30.  Antler collection and possession is allowed May 1 - Dec 31 in areas open to the public and military.  

Purchasing Hunting or Fishing Permits?

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Fishing Changes for 2023

The cost of hatchery-raised rainbow trout has increased significantly, therefore; USAFA Natural Resources is raising the fishing permit fees and reducing the amount of fish stocked. The fishing program must be self-supporting, so we can only purchase as many fish as the previous year’s permit income allows. Hopefully we can increase the stocking in future years using the higher fees.

Free lifetime disabled veteran/Purple Heart permits are no longer available as of 1 January 2023.  Disabled veterans with a >60 percent disability rating and Purple Heart receipients can purchase a half-price annual permit through iSportsman.  The free lifetime permits issued prior to January 2023 are grandfathered and still valid.  

Due to water management problems and access issues related to the railroad crossing, Ice Lake will no longer be stocked.

Channel catfish are no longer stocked, but there may be carryover from previous years.

Our Mission

In support of the military education and training mission, conserve and enhance the Air Force Academy’s natural resources through the application of sound science and proactive stewardship practices.

The Natural Resources program manages the forests, rangelands, wetlands, wildlife, recreational fishing lakes, and multi-use trails on the US Air Force Academy, Farish Recreation Area, and Bullseye Auxiliary Airfield. Through a Cooperative Agreement with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, a team of USFWS biologists and foresters is responsible for managing the installation’s 19,110 acres, of which more than 70% is natural open space.  The staff works cooperatively with many partners, including local governments and organizations, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, US Forest Service, Colorado Natural Heritage Program, Colorado State Forest Service, and other DoD offices. The natural resources management program has received the US Fish and Wildlife Service's Military Conservation Partner Award and the Department of Defense General Thomas D. White Award.

Events and Services

Call Natural Resources at (719) 333-3308 for assistance or information.

Report an Issue 

To report an issue or a wildlife sighting please go to : https://asis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/GeoForm/index.html?appid=c5212cd2b43f40c8b05ed5cb0d624213

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Photo credits: Russ DeFusco, Greg Speights, Brian Mihlbachler, Steve Wallace, Colorado Natural Heritage Program (Michael Menefee)